For better system performance and maximum energy efficiency, now’s the time to consider having us inspect and clean your central air conditioning system.

Central air conditioning systems…you plug ‘em in, turn ‘em on, sit back and enjoy the “cool.”  No worries, right?

If only things were that simple.  But that doesn’t mean you really have anything to worry about…not with Team on hand to help you maximize your investment in year-round indoor comfort.

First of all, let’s look at some cooling system realities:

•    Most repairs occur with systems at or more than 5 years old;
•    Complete system replacements are 35% more likely in the absence of ongoing maintenance;
•    Major system repairs cost between $250 and $1,000;
•    Most indoor health risks can be minimized or eliminated with proper system maintenance;
•    By keeping your system in top working order, you can cut your monthly energy costs by about 25%.

So what exactly does an air conditioning system tune-up consist of?  Well, at Team, we leave no cooling element unturned.

For example, we:

•    Clean your filters, and replace them if necessary;
•    Inspect condensor & evaporator coils;
•    Inspect blower motor & wheel;
•    Inspect the safety controls;
•    Lubricate and inspect all motors;
•    Adjust belts if necessary;
•    Examine and calibrate refrigerant controls;
•    Verify and adjust operating pressures;
•    Verify proper amperage and voltage for your compressor, evaporator and condensor motors.

Something that thorough must also be expensive, right?  Not hardly.  And now, we can make it even more affordable with the coupon below.  That’s right, simply call Team today, For a $89 complete air conditioning system tune-up.  Think of it as insurance for the long haul, and a good way to offset even the hottest and stickiest weather this summer in New Jersey has to offer.