By now, we hope you realize there’s nothing we won’t do to help you enjoy a higher standard of indoor comfort, all year long.

Still, Team believes that proper maintenance and safety begins at home.  By arming you with some practical self-help tips, we can help you save money and gain an added measure of peace of mind.

Home Maintenance and Safety Measures:

•    To increase safety and operating efficiency, make sure your furnace gets sufficient air for proper operation. The best way is to install a combustion air vent between your furnace room and the adjoining room.   

•    Check your furnace filter once a month and keep it clean according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Dirty filters reduce airflow and force your home’s heating system to work harder.  Clean filters, by contrast, help save you money on your fuel bill while extending the life of your system.

•    If your gas burners produce a yellow flame, please give us a call, as the flame should be blue, even though orange and red streaks inside the blue flame are quite normal.  A yellow flame means the burner is dirty and not getting enough air.

•    The area around your furnace should be kept clear of combustible material such as paper, cardboard or paint cans.

•    Keep informed of the danger signals for unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide…you’ll find plenty of information on the internet, or you can call us and we’ll be happy to explain.  

And remember:  the best way to prevent CO poisoning in the first place is with an annual inspection of your fuel-burning appliances.

As we stated above, home safety begins at home, and by following the above steps, you’ll have fewer problems with your furnace, save money on your fuel bill, and add years to the system’s effective lifespan.  Of course, any time you need professional assistance, we’re right nearby, and only a phone call away.

And speaking of assistance, we invite you to redeem to have a tune-up and inspection of your home heating system.  Your system will run longer, incur fewer major repairs, and burn fuel more efficiently…
…which is just one more way we’re assisting you in New Jersey.

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