Let’s Work Together to Keep it Magical, Shall We?

Just about everybody loves holiday season lights.  After all, they light our hearts and our homes.

And yet, as with all things electrical, holiday lighting creates certain risks for you and your family.  In fact, there are more house fires in December than any other month.
Courtesy of your friends at Team, here are several tips you can use to enjoy the holiday glow…and prevent any unwanted blaze.

Outside Lights
·    Always buy lights and electrical decorations bearing the name of an independent testing lab…for example, Underwriters Laboratory bearing the familiar UL symbol .  Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and maintenance.
·    Never use seasonal lighting outside your home unless it is specifically labeled for outdoor use.
·    Connect outside lighting to a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupting (GFCI) outlet. These should be installed anywhere where electricity can potentially come in contact with water.  If you don't have a GFCI outlet, we can be of assistance.
·    Never secure the wiring of outdoor lighting with staples or nails - or place lights on sharp hooks or nails.
·    Don’t close doors or windows on extension cords, or mount lights in any way that can damage the cord's wire insulation.
·    Carefully inspect previously used light strings and replace damaged bulbs before plugging lights in.
·    Never overload extension cords.

Inside Lights
·    Keep kids and pets away from decorations.
·    Unplug all holiday lights before leaving the house or when going to bed.
·    Make sure lights do not rest on any electrical wires.
·    Avoid covering lights with cloth, paper or any material that is not part of the lighting.
·    Throw away any lighting that shows cut, damaged or frayed wire insulation or cords.  

Christmas Tree Safety
·    When lights are placed on a live tree, be sure your tree is fresh and well watered. Never purchase a tree with dry or dropping needles.
·    Place the tree at least three feet away from any heat source. Try to position it near an outlet so cords don't have to run long distances.
·    NEVER attempt to burn a dried out tree in your home's fireplace. It may burst into hard-to-control flame instantly.

It all makes sense, right?  If you have any other questions at all regarding safe holiday season lighting – or any other electrical matter in New Jersey – we hope you’ll give us a call.  What’s more, Team invites you to save now on the installation of one or more ground fault interrupter outllets outside your home…for safer holiday fun.

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