With fuel prices expected to increase this winter, a new furnace can actually lower the cost to heat your home.

According to the Energy Information Administration, heating fuel prices are expected to rise across the board this winter.

The True Cost to Heat Your Home.

Throughout most of the U.S., there are 3 main types of heating systems:

·    Pilot light systems – these are the oldest and operate at only 55 to 60% of their potential fuel efficiency.
·    Standard-efficiency furnaces – instead of using pilot lights, these employ a hot wire called an intermittent ignition. They are generally 80% fuel efficient, and are especially popular in the in the Southern climes where heavy heating use is not the order of the season.
·    Modern condensing furnaces – these are the true champs of efficiency.  Like standard-efficiency units, they employ intermittent ignitions, but also feature a prominent water output -- a plastic pipe that drains the condensate water from the dwelling.  Condensing furnaces typically operate at 90% percent efficiency and greater!

Assuming a winter heating bill of $2000, if you upgraded from a 60%- efficient furnace to one as high as 95% -- and we’ve got them! - you would save $730 per year.  So, if you buy a new furnace or boiler at an average price of $5,000, fully installed, it would pay for itself in just 7 years.

Here Are Two Smart Ways to Save Money On your Fuel Bill…Without the need  to Purchase a New Furnace or Boiler?

·    Have your system tuned-up and inspected once a year…that alone can add years to the life of your system, improve it’s fuel efficiency, and allow us to spot small problems before they become big and costly repairs;
·    Call on the professionals at Team to inspect your duct work and other heating system components for cracks, leaks and blockages that could be allowing heat to escape.  
·    With multiple zones, you pay only to heat those areas of your home where you and your family actually spend time.  And with a programmable thermostat, your home can be nice and toasty when you get home from work without having to keep the heat blasting while you’re out.

Team ties now offers you great ways to save money on furnaces in New Jersey.
It’s just one more way we’re helping to keep you nice and cozy…“Around the House.”