On October 25th the Department of Energy confirmed new standards for efficiency that will change what type of furnace of air conditioning systems can be installed in residential homes.

What this means for New Jersey residents is that beginning in May 2013, the minimum AFUE rating that will be allowed will be 90%. The current minimum is 80%. The biggest difference to a homeowner who will be replacing a furnace that is under 90% is the flue which exhausts the spent fuel. A 90%+ furnace requires a different type of flue (PVC) than an 80% furnace. This means that the installation may require more labor than simply replacing the furnace.

It may also add complexity to a furnace replacement in condominiums and townhomes where installing a new flue will not be as simple as in a single family home.

For full details visit:   http://www.achrnews.com/articles/118250-doe-finalizes-regional-standards


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